Music is everywhere.

Music is what drives us, what makes us happy. It is the lifeblood of most of us. In the 80's the rock music was at the peak of its popularity but gradually started to diminish as new trends were ushered in by the likes of Depeche Mode, Sabrina, and many more. Pop music became more popular because it was something new, something so different from what people had been accustomed to for so many decades.

Guitar riffs were replaced by electronic music. New and more modern synthesisers connected to computers, allowed its users to produce many fantastic sounds. From electronic heartbeat, rain to artificially generated guitar.

Nowadays, many young people are back on board with the new rock music. The heavy riff sound has been replaced with softener sounds. The bands are professional corporations. They do not form the way they did in the past, when a couple of guys would come up with an idea and start to play in a bar or out in the streets. Today corporations sweep through internet in a search of a perfect product to sell. They do not care about music.

If they see an opportunity in something, rock, pop, rave to name a few, they will do anything to make it profitable. Some of the old fashioned rock bands have been active for decades. Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Scorpions they all have played for many generations of music fans, and they are not going to stop as they are as popular as ever.

Thanks to new technologies, they are able to keep their followers up to date on concert announcements, scandals etc.

Rock music is often identified at the ultimate genre which tops the list of those most notable and classic ones. Actually, the history of rock music includes many famous musicians, with bands and individual singers and players.

The rock music derives from rock'n'roll and rhythm and blues, and also blues itself. Although some consider rock just the form of rock'n'roll, in fact both are different genres, whereas rock was born some time later, being somehow associated and connected to rock'n'roll. There have been many bands and singers who influenced rock as a genre in a very meaningful way. Although Elvis Presley was a rock'n'roll singer, his "Jailhouse Rock" and other songs were top influences on rock.

Later, the genre got developed by such notable artists as The Beatles, Eric Clapton,  or more pop rock singers, as Rod Stewart or Elton John. As a very general term, rock had many shades and subcategories. There have been representatives of Golden Age (Petula Clark, The Animals), garage rock (The Knickerbockers), blues rock (Fleetwood Mac), folk rock (Joan Banez and Bob Dylan), psychedelic rock (Jimi Hendrix), roots rock (Outlaws), progressive rock (Frank Zappa), or glam rock (David Bowie).

These are just various of rock subcategories, however, there are many more artists that could be mentioned and that influenced the rock scene. The most famous bands that remain on top of recent charts include Coldplay, Travis, or Stereophonics. Nevertheless, there still are some older legendary bands that remain well known and respected, touring the world with their music.

These musicians include The Rolling Stones, who most recently gave a milestone performance in Cuba.

Rock is a kind of vocal and instrumental music.

The beginning of rock is half of the twentieth century. It was created from a combination of country and rhythm & blues. The name "rock" is an abbreviation of "rock and roll". Each of rock styles is based on a guitar and drums. Added to this is the appropriate rhythm and singing. Rock music is characterized by teamwork. This music is often composed and created a team. Like most frequently in jazz composer and performer are the same person. The origins of rock and roll is 1955 years.

This then formed the song the singer and guitarist Haley "Rock around the Clock". In the late 50's music prognosis gained entertaining character. All thanks to performers such as Anka, Francis, Nelson, Sedaka. In the 60s rock music combined with jazz or classical music. During this period, the addressees of the songs were mostly young people. Established fashion new dances such as twist, surf.

Develop symphonic rock. Formed musicals and opera (Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair). Development of rock came along with an increase in production of gramophone records and play music at discos. With Henricksowi to rock added electronic components. In this way, a heavy-rock.

Heavy rock-represented in the early 70s of the twentieth century, bands like Led Zellepin, Black Sabbath. When added to raggae rock was formed in the late 70's punk-rock, which was played by bands such as Depeche Mode, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Police. Among the soloists replace David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Elton John, Prince, Sting, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Fredy Mercury. Rock museum is located in the Unites States in Cleveland, Ohio.